Soul City hosts and organises numerous themed parties and events every year based on popular holidays and cultural references. Our events range in size from 200 to 2000 people. Previous events include our summer rooftop pool party, Christmas-themed indoor mall event and Halloween-themed outdoor terrace city party.

We provide brands with new product trial distribution, online and offline brand publicity, pop-up booth rental and other services during events.

We focus on the atmosphere of the event, so that participants can focus on the joy of socialising, the music and enjoy the ultimate brand experience.

Blue Harlem

Blue Harlem is a themed party based on jazz and blues culture. Soul City cooperates with the legendary soul music label Blue Note to sell tickets for about 500 people on a single day. Entertainment include live band performances, retro-style dancing, boutique market stalls, interactive games, and polaroid photoshoots.

Christmas Circus

The Retro Christmas Garden Party is a large-scale indoor event organised by Soul City in collaboration with Scarecrow Travel, located at the Mingtian Mall on Nanjing Road in Shanghai. The event hosts around 1300 participants. The activities include band performances, live dance, a wonderful Christmas market, interactive games, polaroid photoshoots, community sharing, and a live blind-date activity.

Pool Party

Pool party is a medium-scale activity held in midsummer, located in Shanghai Pudong Purple Mountain Hotel’s rooftop swimming pool. The sunny and outdoor scenery is suitable for the promotion of cold drinks and alcohol brands. 200 people joins the one-day ticketed event. Entertainment includes a live jazz band, pool dancing, and pool activities, as well as food and beverages sales.

Soul in Halloween

Soul in Halloween is a Halloween-themed event organised by Soul City and BFC. The event is located on the roof garden Terrace of the Bund Financial Center. It is a two-day weekend ticketed event for 2,000 people. The activity includes blues funk and other live band performances, terrace dancing, a boutique market, interactive games, and a set-up for taking memorable photos.